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New BaseballCloud tool helps Brian Kenny and Carlos Pena explain Effective Velocity

MLB Now has been coined “the show for the thinking fan” by host Brian Kenny, and for good reason. After a half hour of discussing offseason rumors and transactions, Kenny decided to go into one of the most advanced concepts in baseball today, the idea of effective velocity.

With the help of former MLB slugger Carlos Pena, who used these analytical findings throughout his career, the show began to introduce the ideas of EV and pitch tunneling to their audience. Luckily, they had BaseballCloud visuals there to assist.

PitchR, a fully custom 3D product coming soon to, was able to recreate Trevor Bauer’s arsenal on a virtual field, so viewers could see each pitch coming to home plate at once. By adding hoops between the rubber and the plate, Pena was more easily able to explain what big league hitters see on a day-to-day basis, and why pitchers like Bauer are able to induce so many ‘bad swings.’

This clip only shows a percentage of what PitchR is able to do, but check out the entire segment below for a preview of the product and an incredibly engaging discussion between Kenny and Pena.