We are DS Sports Ventures

DS Sports Ventures has a vision for expeditious scaling in order to make a lasting footprint within the technology and sports world. As the future unfolds, we see the shape it’s taking and want to mold the perspectives of those otherwise not versed in our focused fields. Our goal is to be synonymous within our respected industries; to do that we need to have lofty goals in place and vision for the next course our industry is taking. We will make acquisitions based on comparative analysis, trust among partners and the collective need to promote education regarding evolving business practices. The future is vast for DSSV; we see where we are going and how we can produce more than just an impression but leave an impact for future founders to model themselves.

Executive Team

Kevin Davidson
CEO of DS Sports Ventures
Joseph Sleiman
President of DS Sport Ventures LLC
Corey Whiting
CTO of DS Sports Ventures and CTO/President of BaseballCloud
Ann Marie Cross-Codron
COO of DS Sports Ventures
Betsy Holl
CFO of DS Sports Ventures
Robin Weaver
CMO/Merchandise Director of DS Sports Ventures
Rob Sitz
President of Baseball Operations, DS Sports Ventures
Matt Bomeisl
VP of Baseball Operations, DS Sports Ventures

Our Team

Cliff Terracuso
President of Scouting and Program Development DS
Abigail Sexton
Executive Assistant to the CEO, DS