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The Frontier League and BaseballCloud/Yakkertech Announce Exclusive Data Partnership

Kevin Davidson
CEO I BaseballCloud


Phoenix, Arizona (April 12, 2022) – BaseballCloud and Yakkertec h, who provide data solutions for hundreds of collegiate programs and multiple professional organizations, today announced that they have ente red a multi-year exclusive partnership with the Frontier League, the longest-running active professional independent baseball league in the United States and a Major League Baseball Professional Partner League.

Across both international and domestic markets, BaseballCloud a nd Yakkertech, who merged in 2021, will have exclusive capture and distribution rights for o fficial Frontier League data collected via Yakkertech’s optical ball tracking system.

The League will distribute and provide data to enhance insights when signing players. The coaching staffs will have the opportunity to create player development systems using BaseballCloud’s premier product suite. “The Frontier League is excited to partner with Yakkertech and Baseball Cloud to expand technology in our stadi um, and enhance our fan’s experience, while better showcasing our players skills.”- Brian Lyter, President, Board of Directors for the Frontier League.

As the only fully-optical data capturing solution available in this market, Yakkertech will provide a new level of analytics previously unavailable to the Frontier League organizations. Hundreds of ball flight metrics and real-time data will be collected on every play of the season and distributed to sports betting operators, MLB teams, as well as broadcast feeds and fan engagement initiatives.

Yakkertech and BaseballCloud, in cooperation with the Frontier League, are eager to show how this data can bring value and new and exciting opportunities in other areas of the baseball experience as technology continues to advance.

“For the past six years, we have had a front-row seat to see ho w in-game data has played a role in player valuation and development. We have also seen how the fan experience has evolved using HawkEye and Statcast at the big league level,” says Baseb allCloud CEO Kevin Davidson. “The speed and accuracy of our systems allow us to replicate this experience and build on it with a wide range of new ideas. There is a tremendous opportun ity for independent baseball to reach a new generation of players and fans, and we are thrilled to help the Frontier League take full advantage.”

BaseballCloud and Yakkertech will work with the Frontier League to bring live data to fans, starting with metrics on scoreboards and TV broadcasts and growing into in-stadium mobile apps and games. Future projects include broadcasting and insta nt replay enhancements, umpiring solutions, player biomechanics capture, and virtual re ality experiences.

The group will also be partnering with the Frontier League to engage the community in many ways. These projects include creating summer analytics internship positions in each market, and a high school event series that features data capturing at Frontier League stadiums to help local players get scouted and recruited.

About BaseballCloud

BaseballCloud was created in 2017 in response to the growing di vide between the quantity of data available and the quality of available tools used to analy ze it. BCTeam provides college coaches and players an easy way to make sure of ball flight data. The firm’s most recent releases, BallR, PitchR, and AnalyzR, allow for custom reportin g solutions and 3D recreations of game and practice events. Please visit for more information.

About Yakkertech

Yakkertech is a Phoenix-based sports performance software development company that specializes in end-to-end vision solutions that provide insight into live and aggregate player metrics. We have the goal to foster equal opportunities for athletes and organizations by providing them the trusted tools they need to grow on an even playing field in today’s data-driven world. We define our success by their success, and so a mutually fruitful partnership with them is our top priority. Please visit for more information.

About Frontier League

The Frontier League is an official Partner League of Major League Baseball and the largest of its kind in professional baseball, featuring 16 teams from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River and from the Ohio River to the St. Lawrence Seaway. The Frontier League has moved over 1,000 players to MLB Teams in its 29-year history. The 20 22 Frontier League season opens on Thursday, May 12. Please visit for more information.